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Facial classes american beauty schools miami

Facial classes american beauty schools miamiTraining Program: FACIAL SPECIALIST TECHNICIAN (260 hours )


Objective of the Program:
When students have satisfactorily completed the 260 hours of Facial Specialist Technician, they will be prepared and well-equipped to identify and analyze the different alterations of the skin treated by a Facial Specialist, as well as putting in practice treatments for their improvement or eradication. Once having completed the program the student will be eligible to proceed in obtaining their specialty registration license.


Description of the Program:
The course study includes understanding theory and obtaining experience through practice in the many hands-on activities. Involving crucial topics that include the study of the skin and facial treatments, as well as new methods for its improvement and conservation, and the essential products and equipment often used in this profession.


The program cost:
(Tuition $ 1,750.00 ; registration fee $ 100.00 ; books and supplies $ 350.00; uniforms $ 50.00)
Total program cost: $ 2,250.00


Requirements of Graduation:
After the student completes 260 hours of training, the outlined services, all exams, and meet all financial obligations, a Diploma will be awarded by the school.
Completion Time:
Completion time is depending on the number of hours a student attends the program weekly and the unique schedule the student chose to enroll under. Normally, students complete this program between 2 to 3 months.


Requirements to Obtain the License:
The license / specialty registration is processed by the Florida State BOARD of Cosmetology, provided that the final examination is passed with a 75% or higher. To be eligible to take the final exam, the student must fulfill all attendance requirements from the institution, provide a HIV/AIDS certificate of completion with the application ($25.00), and send a $ 85.00 money order, payable to the DBPR.


Diploma: The student will receive a diploma after fulfilling satisfactorily the hours of the training program, after passing the final examination and fulfilled all the financial obligations.

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