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The satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy applies to all students enrolled in a Council on Occupational Education  and Commission for Independent Education approved program whether receiving Federal Title IV, HEA funds.


The Cosmetology program (1200 clock hours and 40 weeks) and Full Specialist Technician (600 clock hours and 20 weeks) are the only courses that are currently eligible for Title IV, HEA funding.

Satisfactory Progress in attendance and academic work is a requirement. Academic work is evaluated on a cumulative basis. Students must maintain SAP to continue eligibility for Title IV funding.

To determine SAP, all students are evaluated in academics and attendance at the evaluation points listed below.  Students are advised of their academic and attendance status via a progress report.




Students must attend a minimum of 67% of the cumulative scheduled hours to maintain SAP and complete the course within the maximum allowed time frame. The attendance percentage is determined by dividing the total hours by the total number of hours scheduled. Students are expected to attend classes as per their enrollment agreement.  Students are responsible to clock in and out appropriately to document their hours; the only documentation accepted for student hours is the time clock system.  


Late arrivals may enter school until 15 minutes after class/scheduled shift begins, students who are more than 15 minutes late must meet with the School Director to obtain authorization to remain in school for the day.  Continued tardiness may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Students who are going to be absent are expected to call the school prior to the beginning of their scheduled shift.


All absences are recorded and made a part of the school permanent record.  The student is responsible for class material and/or tests missed while absent.  Students are encouraged not to miss any days and must make up any hours they are absent. Students who miss 10 consecutive school days (14 calendar days) without communicating with the School Director/designee may be terminated on the 11th consecutive school day as an unofficial withdrawal.


Students who persist in repeating patterns of absenteeism will be advised and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Students who have excessive absences may be terminated; re-enrollment is at the discretion of the school.


Quantitative Requirements = Maximum Time Frame (150% process):


The maximum time frame is equal to 1.5 times the published length of the course.  Authorized leaves of Absences (LOA) will not be considered in the maximum time frame evaluation.  You need to be aware that an LOA will extend the student’s contract period and max time frame by the same number of days taken in the LOA.


Example for Cosmetology program would be 1200 + 600 clock hours = 1800 scheduled hours and for the Full Specialist program it would be 600 + 300 clock hours = 900 scheduled hours.


COURSE                                               MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED           

Scheduled Hours     Weeks

Cosmetology Program – 1200 clock hours      1800                   60

Full Specialist program – 600 clock hours       900                   30


Title IV, HEA funding and SAP Evaluation points


SAP evaluation periods are based on actual contracted hours at the school. Students will be notified of all SAP Evaluation results at the end of each payment period.  The following is an example of the minimum number of hours and weeks that a student must complete at the end of each payment period to be considered eligible to receive the next Title IV, HEA Aid payments.  


Cosmetology program which is 1200 clock hours and 40 weeks of instruction, the funding will be disbursed at:

Payment Period Clock hours Weeks Note:
2 450 15 *
3 900 30 *


Full Specialist which is 600 clock hours and 20 weeks of instruction of instruction, the funding will be disbursed at:

Payment Period Clock hours Weeks Note:
2 300 10 *



* Students must meet their clock hour, weeks of instruction, attendance and grade point average (GPA) requirements in order to be eligible for the next Title IV, HEA funding disbursement.  Each student will be evaluated at the end of each payment period to determine eligibility.  Please note:  that If the student is not meeting the SAP requirements, they will place their Title IV, HEA funding in jeopardy which could also result in a loss of Title IV, HEA funding. 


Title IV, HEA Transfer Hours


All transfer hours are counted as both attempted and completed hours for the purpose of determining when the allowable maximum time frame has been exhausted.  At least 25% of the hours required for completion of the program must be earned at American Beauty Schools.




Students are assigned theory study and practical assignments. Theory is evaluated by written exams given after each unit of study.  Practical assignments are evaluated as completed and counted toward course completion only when rated as satisfactory or better. Practical skills are evaluated according to text procedures and performance standards established by the state licensing agency.  Students must maintain a grade average of 70% and pass a FINAL written and practical exam prior to graduation.  Numerical grades are considered according to the following grading scale:


Grade  Interpretation          Average   Grade Point

A            Excellent                     90%-100%   4.0

B            Good                           80%- 89%   3.0

C            Average                      70%- 79%    2.0

F            Failing   Below           70%                  0

I             Incomplete


Title IV, HEA  Academic Year Definition:


American Beauty Schools academic year is defined as, 900 clock hours and 26 weeks for Title IV, HEA purposes.  For Title IV, HEA payments the student must meet both clock hours and weeks of instruction as well as complying with all standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress before they can receive further Title IV, HEA payments.


Cosmetology program academic year is defined as: 900 clock hours and 26 weeks of instruction for Title IV, HEA purposes.


Full Specialist program academic year is defined as: 900 clock hours and 30 weeks of instruction for Title IV, HEA purposes.


For Title IV, HEA payments, the student must meet both clock hours and weeks of instruction as well as complying with all standards for SAP before they can receive further Title IV payments.




Frequent evaluations will help determine if the student is on track to meet the minimum requirements for SAP by the next payment period. The frequency of evaluations ensures that students have ample opportunity to meet both the attendance and academic progress requirements and if not then allow those students to receive guidance in time to correct their attendance or academic progress.


Students meeting the minimum requirements for academics and attendance at the end of each evaluation period (end of payment period) will be considered making SAP until the next scheduled evaluation. Students will receive a hard-copy of their SAP determination (Progress report) at the time of each of the evaluations.


Title IV, HEA Financial Aid Warning

Students who fail to meet minimum requirements (67% cumulative attendance and a C or 70% GPA) for attendance and academic progress at the end of a payment period will be placed on a Title IV, HEA  Financial Aid Warning the first time. Any student on Title IV, HEA Financial Aid Warning may continue to receive assistance under the Title IV, HEA programs for one payment period only.

At the end of that payment period if the student has met the minimum grade and attendance requirement the student is considered to be meeting SAP.

If the student is not meeting SAP at the end of the Financial Aid Warning Period; there will be a loss of Title IV, HEA eligibility; with the right to appeal.  The student will be placed on an Title IV, HEA Academic development Status, with a loss of Title IV, HEA funding and will be required to meet specific criteria of an improvement plan to assist them in regaining SAP and Title IV, HEA eligibility.

During this period the students will not be eligible to receive Title IV, HEA funds but he/she may continue on a cash pay basis with an approved payment plan. Arrangements for payment must be approved within 10 school days of notification of development status.

Appeal Procedures for Loss of Title IV, HEA Funding

A student who losses their financial aid eligibility due to not making SAP at the end of a financial aid warning has the right to file an appeal regarding their SAP Evaluations.

A student, who wished to appeal Academic development Status and loss of Title IV, HEA eligibility, must submit a written request to the School Director within ten (10) calendar days of being notified that they are in a non-satisfactory progress status.


The student must describe any unusual circumstance(s) that the student believes deserve special consideration.  The basis on which a student may file an appeal:  death of a relative, an injury, or illness of the student or other special circumstance.  The student must provide a written statement and information as to why they did not make SAP and what has changed that will allow them to make SAP by the next evaluation point.

Once the School Director receives the appeal, they will evaluate the appeal and provide a decision within ten (10) calendar days.  The School Director will notify the student in writing of the decision and all decisions are final.

If the student wins the appeal they will then be placed on Financial Aid Probation, which is a status assigned by the Federal regulations to a student who fails to make SAP, who has appealed and has had their Title IV, HEA eligibility for aid reinstated for one payment period only.

Title IV, HEA Financial Aid Probation

Any student that prevails upon the appeal process shall be placed on Title IV,HEA Financial Aid probation and will be eligible to receive Title IV, HEA during this period.  A student placed on Title IV, HEA Financial Aid Probation may receive Title IV, HEA program funds for one payment period only.  While on Title IV, HEA Financial Aid Probation, the student must meet the institutions SAP standards and may also need to complete an Academic Improvement Plan, which will developed by the institution to assist the student in regaining their Title IV, HEA eligibility.

Those who are not making SAP at the end of the Title IV, HEA Financial Aid probation period will be ineligible to receive Title IV, HEA funds for the following payment periods, at which time a  student must meet SAP prior to having eligibility reinstated at the next payment period.


Requirements for the Academic Improvement Plan:


  • Maintain an attendance percentage that will ensure the student will meet Satisfactory Academic Progress by the next payment period.
  • Maintain a 75% grade point average.
  • Attend theory class regularly (student must attend an average of 4 out of the 5 hours required for theory class each week).
  • Complete all required test and projects assigned (test and projects must be completed and turned in when requested).
  • The academic improvement plan will be monitored by the School Director (or designate).
  • The school will notify the student each month on their academic improvement status during the monthly progress report/advising session. Status of the students report will be written on the progress report form for the student to sign.
  • Students choosing to remain in school while requesting an appeal will be responsible for charges accrued whether or not the appeal is granted.




A student determined NOT to be making Satisfactory Progress may reestablish Satisfactory Progress by:  1) Making up missed tests and assignments and increasing grade average to 70% or better, and 2) Increasing cumulative attendance to 67% by the end of a Warning or Probation period.




Title IV, HEA aid will be reinstated to students who have prevailed upon appeal regarding the status of SAP or who have reestablished SAP.  Students on suspension of funds will be monitored daily via an electronic SAP report to determine when they reestablish SAP.




Course incompletes, repetitions and non-credit remedial courses have no effect on the institution’s SAP.




Students who have been terminated or withdrew from school may re-enroll (if determined eligible) within 180 days and will not incur additional charges, however these students will be responsible to pay any remaining balance from the previous enrollment that cannot be covered with reinstated federal funds.


Students who have been terminated or withdrew from school and re-enroll (if determined eligible), after more than 180 days will pay a $50 application fee and will be charged for contracted hours at the current tuition rate.  All re-enrolling students will be provided the school’s re-enrollment policy and will be evaluated by the school Director for placement in the curriculum and kit needs. Re-enrolling students may be required to purchase the current school kit.  Students applying for re-entry or transfer-in from other schools will be required, as a condition of enrollment, to bring delinquent prior student loans to a current status.


A determination of SAP will be made and documented at the time of withdrawal or beginning of a LOA.  That determination of status will apply to students at the time they return to school.  The student may appeal a negative Satisfactory Progress determination according to the appeal policy. Elapsed time during a LOA does not affect SAP and will extend the contract period by the same number of days as the LOA. Students re-entering after exiting the school will not be evaluated as new students and consideration will be given to the student’s progress status at the time of previous withdrawal.  Re-enrollment is at the discretion of the school administration.